Spiral Mixer

Spiral Mixer


  • This mixer can mix powder ball, crisp and stuff containing less than 75% water. The machine has fast and slow two kinds of speed, and the mixing tube moves round left and right, to knead, rub, pinch, mix, twist, and sprain. It can easily mix all kinds of powder balls within the shortest time.


  • Strong power, large mixing amount, and the powder ball is with high elasticity. It is especially good for stuff with simple operation. Stainless still tube safety cover and mixer conform to hygiene standard, and it is suitable for large-factory.
  • Frame and mixing head are fabricated of heavy gauge steel plate.
  • Reversible electric control box mounted on frame.
  • Fixed bowl in stead of removable.


Model AA-40B AA-70B AA-90B AA-140B
Capacity (Liter) 40 70 90 140
Agitator Speed (R.P.M) 138-276 134-268 130-260 118-236
Motor (HP) 2+1/2 4+1/2 5+1/2 6+3/4
Machine Weight (kg) 360 430 460 550
Machine Dimension (cm) 90x50x100 100x60x110 100x65x110 110x75x120
Packing Dimension (cm) 100x60x120 110x70x130 110x75x130 120x85x140


Model AA-200B AA-260B AA-300B AA-380B
Capacity (Liter) 200 260 300 380
Agitator Speed (R.P.M) 100-200 90-180 90-180 90-180
Motor (HP) 8+1 10+2 12+2 14+2
Machine Weight (kg) 700 820 880 1000
Machine Dimension (cm) 135x80x140 155x90x150 160x95x155 165x100x155
Packing Dimension (cm) 145x90x160 165x100x170 170x105x175 175x110x175