Single-Sink Vacuum Packing Machines


  • Meat, Poultry, Fish, Frozen Meat, Vegetarian Food, Powder, Spices, Medicine, Spare Parts, Electronic Components, Hardware Products, etc…


  • Extend the expiration date.
  • Remain the freshness of food, meat, steak, and fish. Vacuumed food is able to prevent from dryness. The expiration date could be longer under frozen state.
  • Adjust the cooking process and save working time and money.


  • High value and high quality.
  • High-quality electric parts, long lasting, low failure rate.
  • CE certified.
  • Built with high quality stainless steel.
  • Using vacuum pump from Germany BUSCH.
  • Easy maintain and user friendly.
Single-Sink Vacuum Packing Machines AA-612
Size for sealing frame AA-612
Power 220V 1PH
Vacuum Pump 24m3/hr
Machine Size (L×W×H) 640×550×900 mm
Vacuum Chamber (L×W×H) 480×450×140 mm
Sealing Length 420×2 mm
Single-Sink Vacuum Packing Machines AA-613
Size for sealing frame AA-613
Power 220V 3PH
Vacuum Pump 40m3/hr
Machine Size (L×W×H) 810×850×910 mm
Vacuum Chamber (L×W×H) 570×800×140 mm
Sealing Length (mm) (1) 780×2 (2) 540×2
Single-Sink Vacuum Packing Machines AA-623
Size for sealing frame AA-623
Power 220V 3PH
Vacuum Pump 40m3/hr
Machine Size (L×W×H) 700×900×1060 mm
Vacuum Chamber (L×W×H) 580×830×160 mm
Sealing Length (mm) (1) 800×2 (2) 520×2
Single-Sink Vacuum Packing Machines AA-712
Size for sealing frame AA-712
Power 220V 1PH
Vacuum Pump 24m3/hr
Machine Size (L×W×H) 680×930×920 mm
Vacuum Chamber (L×W×H) 470×780×140 mm
Sealing Length (mm) (1) 450×2 ×650 (2) 760×2
Single-Sink Vacuum Packing Machines AA-1620
Size for sealing frame AA-1620
Power 220V 3PH
Vacuum Pump 63m3/hr
Machine Size (L×W×H) 630×1630×1200 mm
Vacuum Chamber (L×W×H) 470×1520×200 mm
Sealing Length 450×2 mm