Shrink Packing Machine

Shrink Packing Machine


  • This machine is designed with high performance infrared ray heater tube in conjunction with patented insulation device giving exceptionally fast heating performance. Elegant appearance, maximum durability, and long service life.
  • Accurate, digital temperature setting is achieved through two sets of the latest automatic thermostator. Both top and bottom temperature settings may be varied as desired to meet various product sizes, which provides an excellent shrink packing operations for a wide variety of products. Also, lowering the possibility of film breakage to the minimum for saving packing cost.
  • Conveyor belt feed speed is accurately controlled by electronic speed controller for maximum stability and minimum trouble. Feed speeds may be infinitely varied.
  • This unit is compact constructed for saving space. A stand is available to fix the machine in place for convenient operations.


Model AA-311FS AA-311FHS
Power 220V
Watts 5 kw
Shrinking Size (W×H) 350×150 mm
Machine Size (L×W×H)(mm) 1180×650×600 1180×650×1050
Remarks F:Fan;H:Stand;S:Silicon Bushing;M:Mesh Conveyor Belt