Power-Saving Wheat Sheet Processor

Power-Saving Wheat Sheet Processor AA-250F Power-Saving Wheat Sheet Processor AA-290FF


  • Fast processing of egg pie sheets, roasted duck rool sheets.


  • Furnished will safety electric eye device which makes possible voluntary adjustment of wheat sheet thickness, upper and lower saute pan temperature control, time setting, saute pan use teflon unsticking treament.
  • Adiabatic heating runs fast and power economical, makes possible flattening of wheat mass within 1 to 3 seconds followed with sauteing, cooking processing fast and efficient AA-290FF floor model.


Model AA-290FF AA-290F AA-250F
Output 200-1200 pieces /Hr
Size of the air cylinder 80×150 mm 63×150 mm
Voltage 220V
Weight 97 kgs 52 kgs 40 kgs
Size 85x50x165 cm 54x42x78 cm 45x39x78 cm