Planetary Mixer – Belt Drive

Planetary Mixer - Belt Drive


  • Our vertical agitator, the work machine designed for professional bakers, the metal table can be loaded mass quantity you need with construction firm designed and secure electronic switch, all the function of agitation can work smoothly in different speed; the transmitting motor strengthened, gear parts with low noise, and multi-function accessory reach the requirement of the patent. Therefore, AA Food is the best choice and the assistant for your profit.


  • Models are belt correa drived.


Model AA-10B AA-20B AA-30B AA-40B
Capacity (Liter) 10 20 30 40
Agitator Speed (R.P.M) 170-340-650 151-315-505 125-248-482 125-248-482
Motor (HP) 1/3 1/2 1 1 1/2
Machine Weight (kg) 60 90 170 180
Machine Dimension (cm) 45x40x70 55x50x80 65x60x100 65x55x110
Packing Dimension (cm) 55x50x90 65x60x100 75x70x120 75x65x130


Model AA-50B AA-60B AA-80B
Capacity (Liter) 50 60 80
Agitator Speed (R.P.M) 141-281-505 28-45-72 26-47-70
Motor (HP) 2 3 5
Machine Weight (kg) 250 430 480
Machine Dimension (cm) 70x60x115 60x80x135 90x90x140
Packing Dimension (cm) 80x70x135 70x90x155 100x100x160